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      [s:37njqhkk]So I installed Server 2012 today as my workstation OS, and man is it fast. Anyway, I don't like running on administrative accounts for day to day task(coming from a Linux mindset/least privilege type thing), so I made myself a new administrator account, disabled Administrator(the built-in one), and also made a limited user/local user. Here's the problem: When I go to shutdown/sleep/reboot/hibernate my PC(under the charms bar) it says “There are currently no power options available.”, which is odd, because on my admin account, I can reboot perfectly fine. I took a look through group policy and local security policy, trying to add my user to various shutdown groups/etc., but none of them helped. Any tips, or are only admins allowed to manipulate the computer, power-wise? I'd prefer not to run on an admin account for daily tasks if possible..[/s:37njqhkk]

      Solved by adding limited user to the “Power Users” group.

      However, I have another question: Is it possible to add sleep/hibernate to the charms power button?

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