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      I have been using the “win2008workstation” (32 bit) on a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 for a couple of weeks now, and I`m impressed of how much faster it is than vista.
      The only problem – important though, I can`t install the wireless Lan service from Server manager. The drivers is apparently correct installed for my intel wireless Wifi link.
      When attempting to install from server manager, I get error code:” 0x80070490. Element not found”.
      Any ideas how solving this problem is appreciated

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      i guess u used vlite

      so u could use ocsetup to install it


      ocsetup WirelessNetworking


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      i`m not familiar with this method, but i tried ocsetup WirelessNetworking, and got this error message then: “The component setup program encountered an error: 0x490. Element not found.”

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      did u use vlite ?

      if yes i think u need to rebulid it

      u could use waik to pre-install desktop experice and qwave and wirelessnetworking

      and use vlite as u like

      if u dont wanna use waik

      then grab good ini from vlite forum

      and rebulid it

      here the list of the Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package Features
      u could install

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      You`r right aviv, it was my vlite configuration that cause the problem. Thanks a lot. I have rebuild the install disk, and now everything is fine 😉

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