Cant install Antivir PE what so ever

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      I have been trinig to install antivir PE, i have read on this forum about changing the permissions in regedit “ProductOptions” setting the permission but antvir still complains about the software canot be install on the current os.

      I have allso tried a registry hack creating a new “ProductOptions” key renamed it to “ProductOption2” then use a hex editor on a extracted antvir PE setup file and modifie a string so it points to the new key “ProductOption2”. but that also dosent work got 2 errors

      1. “The software canot be install on the current os”
      2. “The setup has been modified “install aborted”

      Any more tips on how to install antivir

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      It’s been documented in the Security Software topic, but here’s a quick summary:

      * AntiVir 10 no longer checks the ProductOptions key
      * First install AntiVir 9 using the reg hack method
      * Then upgrade it to Antivir 10 – the installer doesn’t seem to check for the OS version when there’s already an older version of the product installed

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      Hi again

      I did as you sad and it worked thx

      I did like this

      1. Download antvir from /
      2. Install it as usal i dident need to modifie it
      3. Let it update itself
      4. Restart
      5. Start antvir controllpanel execute product update from “update tab” it will download allot of files.
      6. Restart
      7. Start antivir again run update from “update tab”

      And voila it worked

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