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      I recently got an hd 6450 to install on a dell r900 with 2008r2 but it wont even recognize when monitors are connected to the new card.
      Tried running the 12.4 install and it didnt even see the card.
      So I successfully loaded the driver first, and then installed ccc. Which went fine, but ccc wont run.

      the main trouble I have is that no monitors are ever detected even though 2008r2 recognizes the card and raises no events or errors!

      the card has 3 ports and I’ve tried them all! Tried different slots in the server.

      I suspect it may be complicated by the embedded video which is a ati es1000. I’ve tried disabling it in the OS without any luck…it doesnt have an option to disable in the bios.

      Of course, eventually I would like to get ccc working…

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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