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      I’ve installed desktop experience, I set themes to start automatically as a service. I changed my theme to Windows Vista. I don’t see the trasparent borders and flipping between apps doesn’t give me the rolodex style flipping. I have an nvidia 8800GT with 512 mb of ram and the latest drivers. ALl the patches for 2008 installed. I’m sure I messed up but can’t figure out what step I missed as I had this working on this same system before I reformatted.

      PLease disregard this silly post – I forgot to go to windows color and appearance.

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        Glad you found out yourself 😉

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        I spoke too soon. I have the aero border interface but I don’t have the roledex flip between application interface – can you tell me what I still forgot? I can click on it down below in the task bar and it does the flippy thing but when I press alt tab it gives me a few boxes to select from – I could swear at some point alt tab would bring up the flippy thing. Maybe I was using the MS key by accident and tab and that’s why it worked but I could swear I could use alt tab to bring up the 3d flipping app.


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          Windowskey + Tab is the official combination to use 3d flip. Never heard that it is also possible with alt+tab. Maybe its possible using a registry hack or something? 😉

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