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      Kind of a deal breaker for me — for win8.1 — was the lack of control for it’s desktop icon spacing.
      Importing HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktopWindowMetrics from win7 had no effect.
      So does Server 2012 R2 also have this restriction?
      Also, is there a similar registry structure like between win7 & win8?

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      I donĀ“t know right now.
      I have just reinstalled WS2012-R2 and I have planned to do the conversion to workstation tomorrow,
      so I can check when I have it running.

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      That would be great.
      Attached a zip file with my Win7 reg exports and a bat file to export the same keys — if they exist — from your fresh Server 2012 R2 WS install.
      And a pic of a few icons on my Win7 Desktop using Tahoma w’ Clear Type OFF (Standard).
      Hope that helps.

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      Hi !

      I had to investigate some weird CPU-spikes on WS008-R2 yesterday, so I never got time to start WS2012-R2.
      And the problem is not solved yet…
      Just to let you know it might take a few days before I can check about the icons.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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