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      Hello guys!
      I am quite happy with my current Win7 x64 Professional but I am thinking about trying the 2008R2 workstation version. (the pre-done one, or just do it myself according to the instructions).

      My question is though, do you think there will be any difference in terms of performance? Like, rendertimes, viewport framerates and such? Has anyone used 2008R2 for such things and such applications? (I am using a wide variety of 3D, 2,5D and 2D applications like Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, 3dsMax, AfterEffects, Nuke, etc.)

      I am asking this, because I haven’t really found a certain statement about the performance comparison with Win7 in terms of CPU-Intensive tasks, multithreading, memory utilization and so on. At least some benchmarks would’ve helped, but so far I haven’t seen any. If there are any of these, posted somewhere, please don’t hesitate to drop a link here.
      One would say – “You can’t expect different performance, from the same hardware and just different OS”… Well I can. I had OSX Snow Leopard installed about 2 years ago, and that thing was running WAY faster/snappier/colder and was eating less memory than Win7. So I guess there could be a difference between the Win7 and the 2008R2.

      (P5Q-Deluxe, C2Q Q9550 @ 4.02Ghz, 8GB of DDR2 943Mhz, GeForce GTX275, WD Velociraptor 10k)

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