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      Hey everyone, ive seen a lot of information about the bluetooth stack on x64 but not a thing for x86.. im running the 32 bit version of windows server 2008 and i would really like for my bluetooth to work.
      ive tried installing bluesoleil and setpoint.. the toshiba bluetooth stack, but no avail.
      any advice would be appreciated!

      thanks 🙂

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        Using the following page you can get the Bluetooth Stack in Windows Server 2008 x64: Gil’s Blkog: Installing the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on Windows Server 2008If you look at the comments you see the comment from Andrew Haswell who describes how to get it working in Windows Server 2008 x86 too!

        Great instructions, i have just used them to get bluetooth working on a dell m1210 laptop running 32-bit Server 2008 by changing NTx86…1 entries to NTx86…3

        Hope this method also works for you!


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        working widcomm drivers
        no need to copy files from vista
        I can post a screenshot if you wish
        bugger displays me the pairing wizard whan I try to open bluetooth neighbourhood… argh
        disregard the above… after restart plugging the dongle in hangs the system 🙁

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        Yeah and some people [including me] prefer to use the Microsoft Stack instead of Widcomm Stack anyway because they are much more basic and lightweight

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        Can anyone create a “one-click” solution for the microsoft stack? Thanks a lot …

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        @psreloaded wrote:

        This is the best solution I got….!11E09A8750032F2C!471.entry

        Hey, you found my post from 2008-12-28 (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=673) here in the forum. Congratulations …

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        wow, i hadnt checked this thread in a long time.. thanks for all of the replies!! i appreciate it.. i will try to follow some instructions now and see how it works out 😀

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        thank you EVERYONE for your input.. a special thanks for psreloaded and McStarfighter, as that was the solution i used.. it was as easy as pie and worked wonderfully! im actually using my phone as modem via bluetooth now 😀

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