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      I thought I would post this topic, for those casual browsers of this forum, who are trying to evaluate if a change from Vista would be a good idea or not.

      If you’re interested in viewing Blue Ray or HD DVD on your notebook/computer , then answer is YES – Blue ray / HD DVD playback works. If you follow the instructions on this site, and also configure Win2008Workstation for DVD playback, then installing an application that can handle BD/HDDVD playback should do the trick.

      Don’t want to advertise products here, but I have had very good experiences so far with PowerDVD 9. MY MCE remote was able to pause, play, move to next chapter etc without any reconfigurating, but I would like to get the remote to open PowerDVD, because the big green MCE button is wasted atm.

      My experiences relate to a 32 bit system.

      Hope this helps

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