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      I have a question again. If I open a Program or something else and server 2008 has to load some things, I get a Mouse arrow with an hourglass. I see at Windows Vista the hourglass was replaced to a blue circle.

      How can I use the blue circle at Windows Server 2008? I look at the Control Panel to the Mouse settings but I can’t change the Mouse schema to the blue circle. I activate also the areo user interface.

      At the Launch to Server 2008 I hear from many people “The blue circle of death”. Have anybody an Idea why?

      Iā€™m looking forward for your answers.

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        I have seen this request more often and decided to create a tutorial for this.

        Here you go! šŸ˜‰
        Aero Cursors in Server 2008

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        Thank you for efforts and the tutorial…. you are the best.

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