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      A few days ago, after starting my PC, I was presented with a blackscreen which included mouse (which worked, wasn’t still) just before login screen should appear. I restarted PC several times with no change. I then tried going to safe mode, which worked. After half an hour of tinkering around, I tried “Last Known Good Configuration”, tho i didn’t epxect it to do any better (i was pretty sure i disabled any recovery features). In any case, after that it worked. But same happened today, fixed it again going LKGC, but this is annoying. Anyone had a problem like this before?

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      Sounds like the black screen of death.

      Are you experiencing the same issue as this guy?


      If so you should still be able to gain access to task manager, by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and then clicking start task manager.

      Go to File > New Task…

      In open dialog box type explorer.exe and hit enter.

      Click on internet explorer.

      Paste in this address:

      Apply the windows explorer shell fix and restart your computer to see if its fixed.

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      I doubt it, this guy says the problem starts after he logs in, while this occurs for me before login. Pretty sure i tried ctrl+alt+del and tnohing happened, but will try again when/if it occurs.

      P.S.: I’ve recently started using Sleep mode, which i never before did. (However this occured starting computer after it was fully powered down, never waking from sleep). Any chance it’s connected?

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