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      i have some problems with games under Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition x86 with playing Games on it…

      Crysy dont work

      Supreme Commander even so or so

      COD dont work

      3dmark 2006 dont work

      other games i dont have testing.

      I follow the intodructions from this page becouse the configuration for win 2008 to play games.

      I dont becam a error mail…. the computer hang off… so i musst restart no chance….

      My system

      AMD 4000+ @ 3006 MHZ
      20048mb Ram from OCZ @ 333 MHZ
      DFI Lanparty UT NF-4 Ultra D
      8600GT Gainward @ 625/1800 ( i dont oc this its the normal gainward rate )
      160Gig Harddisc space

      Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition x86


      MFG Pleusch

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      Hi Pleusch,

      Sounds really weird. Do u have latest vista driver for any hardware installed? Then u might check if it helpes to decrease the overclock of ur motherboard. Its also possible that ur powersupply is getting old and weak.

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      hmmm…. i dont know

      becouse my power subly is ok i have 550W from Chieftech its brand new…

      Becouse the overclocking… under XP and 2000 its work great no problem with overclocking….

      So can you give me a link to a download version of Prime 95 so i can test it

      I download the 64 bit edition now and the newest driver. What the hell is so better @ the Beta driver from nvidia??? O_o

      I need some help to choos the right driver.

      I need Vista realtek driver. becouse i find it and load them there ok

      I need the right nforce an Gforce driver for my Mainboard and for my Grafikcard.

      When i played Musik it hang up too sometimes.

      Musst i configurate the driver???


      ( Kann hier wer Deutsch reden??? )

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      Du kannst deutsch mit mir reden, dann aber per PM 😉

      Stable driverversions for ur hardware (x86 drivers):

      Mainboard (nforce chipset)

      Nvidia Graphic Card Driver

      Realtek Audio Driver

      Direct X Runtime (June 2008)

      To avoid Audiostutter read the following article

      As i mentioned before, try to lower ur overclock, just to see if it prevents games from running.

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