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      Hey guys

      I am testing to make sure this is my next workstation OS. Right now under XP I am using Lookout to search outlook, and Locat32 for file searching. I think it works well, and neither have much overhead except occasional smart scanning of files, which I schedule for lunch/evenings.

      I am considering the Win2008 native search as I think it can unify searching (or the Livesearch 4 option) but I have such a negative memory of this search service on XP. It was a pig, chugged and constantly updated indices, it was not pleasant.

      What are others using? How is your working for you?

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      try whereisit

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      i remember reading somewhere that if you installed the baby version of windows search server (on server2008) it could be configured to index at night when you were in bed and funky stuff like that. havent tried it myself though. i’m using google desktop and its alright i guess.

      lookout’s been rolled into the latest version of desktop search from ms. i use that at work with xp/outlook2k7. you’re prob better off using that now, rather than lookout. it does things a bit different than lookout but mostly its tolerable. i have many gigs of psts and shared folders indexed and mostly its pretty responsive and accurate. i try to rebuild the indexes every few months though, just to ensure it stays fresh.

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