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      Okay, now how to I go about getting my BenQ S2W 4300u scanner working? I can’t find anything other than XP drivers.

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      So I turned on the WIA service… I got the driver for XP installed… Yet PS CS3 cannot use the scanner… Need some help now guys.

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        Can’t you use the scanner because you are using the Windows 5.0 (XP) driver in a Windows 6.0 (Vista/2008) Operating System or is it because you are using Windows Server 2008? (In other words: the XP driver you are now using works fine in Vista?).

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        Sorry, all I meant was that I cannot find a Vista driver, and the XP driver doesn’t seem to work…

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          If you search google for the Vista driver of this hardware, the only thing you find is requests for it. Even on the manufacturers driver page the newest driver is for Windows XP.

          I think this leaves you to three possibilities:
          1. Install VMWare Workstation (Maybe the free VMWare Player also works?), add a USB Controller to the virtual hardware (is added by default), connect the scanner and install the Windows XP driver.
          2. Install Windows XP beside Windows Server 2008 or use an other (XP) PC to scan;
          3. Buy a new scanner.

          Good luck!

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