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      You have to install AutoCAD 2009 on Windows Server 2008 x64 make sure you install the 64Bit version of AutoCAD 2009, otherwise it won’t install. I tested the AutoCAD LT 2009 64Bit on my Windows Server 2008 x64 and it installs/runs without any problems!

      Download links:
      AutoCAD_2009_English_Win_32bit.exe (Not downloadable in The Netherlands)
      AutoCAD_2009_English_Win_64bit.exe (Not downloadable in The Netherlands)
      AutoCAD_LT_2009_English_Win_32bit.exe (550MB)
      AutoCAD_LT_2009_English_Win_64bit.exe (591MB)

      Good luck!


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      Thank you m8 😉

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      Hi, anyone else tried it? I’m trying to install Autocad 2009 x64 in WS2008 SP2 x64 and getting the following error when try to start the application

      FATAL ERROR: The security system (softlock license manager) is not functioning or is improperly installed.

      Already reinstalled several times using the 000-000000 serial without lucky. The crack serials won’t work either.

      Any clue?


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      @acsterf wrote:

      Any clue?

      I don’t think it is a Server 2008 related problem while the application can just be installed without any workarounds or tricks. You can try to uninstall it and also remove (possible) folders
      * %ProgramFiles%
      * %ProgramFiles(x86)%
      * %appdata%

      After removing the eventually found files/folders restart your PC and install it again.

      If that doesn’t work you can better ask your question at the Autodesk Discussion Groups.

      Good luck! 😉

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      AutoCAD is a designing program mainly used by engineers for those how doesn’t know. I can’t install it on my Windows Server 2008 64bit. When I run the installation I get an error (You cannot install this product on the current operating system).
      Can you help me? Or maybe propose me an older version of this program who do work…

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