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      Hi everyone, I’m posting in the “miscellaneous” section instead of the “games” section because the issues I’m having aren’t related to retail releases like Half-Life 2, Crysis, etc. Rather, I’m having trouble with the performance of games that, for lack of a better term, I call “stand-alone” games. These are usually free games that appear as though they’re made with Flash, but you run them on your desktop instead of a browser.

      My issue begins when I start the game/application and I get a warning about sound. It can be a variation of “no sound device detected” or “sound device configuration error” or something like that. Then once in the game, there’s a pause and some stuttering in both the audio and the game itself any time there’s sound associated with an event. The more audio events, the more pausing and stuttering occurs, to the point where the game is completely unplayable.

      I’ve followed the server-to-workstation guide completely, including the part about audio acceleration and audio stuttering. My PC is more than capable and all of my nvidia and audio drivers are up-to-date. Flash is also up-to-date and these audio issues do not occur during in-browser games.

      If anyone wants to try to recreate the problems I’m having or to see if they may encounter them as well, a good relatively small game to try it with is a game called “Drone.” I won’t link it here, but if you search google for “drone tower defense” it should be the first link; it’s a .info site.

      Thanks for your help!

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