audio over HDMI from AMD HD6450 only 2 channel

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      Hi, used the recompiled drivers for my card and they work a treat so i get audio/HD video to the tv with XBMC via HDMI
      However when i put it to my amp, converted it to digital audio i noticed there was no sound and really juddery picture. On investigation the number of channels is 2 and there are no encoded formats
      Ive downloaded the windows 7/8 64bit realtek drivers and they make no difference – any thoughts?? It was using the AMD drivers but after messing its now using the intel drivers but still only 2 channels..

      any help cheers paul

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        230 views and no ideas?? Going to have to scrap it soon

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          if its working on windows 7/8 fine then there still problem with the drivers

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            Try another driver-version.
            I had to use an older version for the graphics on WS2012, the version i use on W7 didnĀ“t work.
            Might be the same problem for you ?

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              I’m having a very similar problem. I have an HD5850 that is HDMI connected to a Harmon Kardon receiver, and I get no audio at all, just a few crackling sounds if I do a sound test. If I unplug my Windows Server 2012 R2 install, and put my Window 8.1 install drive back, I get perfect surround sound. The CCC install worked well on 2012 R2, but the audio simply will not work.

              The next thing I tried was to plug the 2012 R2 server directly into my HDTV. Using this method, I get perfectly clear 2 channel audio.

              It seems as if the driver doesn’t play nice when connecting through a receiver, but that doesn’t make any sense since the same driver works flawlessly on Windows 8.1.

              Any ideas!?

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