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      Hi to all, I’m new of this forum and i’d like to congratulate the people that made this site, very useful!

      Following the guide I managed to use windows server 2008 as a good workstation, although remains a little “bug” (not so important but very annoying): the audio keeps to shutter/sizzle every 4-5 seconds, no matter if it’s a song, a movie, a game or a windows sound.

      I tried to uninstall the audio driver (realtek ALC888) but the stutters remains, so I presume it’s not a driver compatibility issue (i also reinstalled the newest drivers but with no success).

      Done the same thing with video drivers, stutters remains.

      I also lowered SystemResponsiveness value in the registry, but nothing changed.

      I’d hate to reinstall all over again the os, as it’s not a vital problem…

      Anyone got suggestions?

      P.S.: My pc specs are:
      – Intel Core i7 2,66 GHz CPU
      – 3GB DDR3 1600 RAM
      – Gigabyte EX58-UD3R MoBo
      – ATI 4850×2 2GB VGA
      – Maxtor 250GB HD
      – Maxtor OneTouchPlus 1TB External HD

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        hey, first of all welcome at the forum and I’m glad you like this site! 🙂

        About your problem: If you have installed the Hyper-V Server Role, uninstall it and see if your problem is gone; Hyper-V often has a huge impact on the systems’ performance!

        An other possibility is to install another instance of Windows Server 2008 and watch if it is installation-dependent or if it’s a hardware/driver problem.

        Good luck! 😉


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        In my case with my SB Audigy value the only thing that made that stutter stop was using the Aero interface. This happened to me in vista too however and may be unrelated to your problem (specially if you are using aero already), but cant hurt to try.

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