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      Not sure if this is OS related or my account. I added Audible Manager and it runs, and will download audio files from my library. BUT, it won’t Activate a player — any player… The first try will say it cannot connection to Audible Server after timing out (30 secs?), subsequent tries immediately return with no error. Attempting to play any audio pops the “Activate device” dialog again. Contacting Customer Service, they reset my activations and it still didn’t work. Since it works on my office pc, I have to think it’s 2008 related.

      Edit — just tried this again as a new Car Talk episode was released… It will burn the file to Nero just not play it so it may be Windows Media Player it’s having a problem with…

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      Windows Media Player now reports a Indiv01.key problem… That’s a DRM issue and I’m having trouble getting through it. Interestingly enough, Audible Manager now runs. But WMplayer dies instantly.

      update 2: Just tried it… Winamp is working again… This is weird.

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