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      Does anyone else have an issue with at startup Applying Computer Settings takes like 1-2 minutes?
      I am running 2008 Standard 32-bit without HyperV on a Dell Laptop.
      Looking thru the event log nothing really jumps out that would cause the issue.
      One thing I thought it could be is the computer is hooked to a domain.

      Any thoughts?

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      Do you have this problem right from the beginning, or it started happening after some time?

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      Started happening after I joined the domain at work.
      It does have something to do with the domain since this morning it fired right up and I ended up finding this in the logs, not sure why I didn’t notice it before.

      Event ID: 6005
      The winlogon notification subscriber is taking long time to handle the notification event (CreateSession).

      Event ID: 6006:
      The winlogon notification subscriber took 123 second(s) to handle the notification event (CreateSession).

      I tried some one of the fixes out there for it and it had no effect.

      NETSH INTERFACE TCP SET global autotuninglevel=disabled

      Will have to look into more this week.

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      Maybe you should try one more time and see if the problem is still there, because it looks like some lock-up in the domain itself..

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      Well it has seemed to work itself out after being connected to the network all week.
      It is no longer happening….

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