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      I am experiencing this, like many others:

      I know I can stop hvboot from starting automatically, but I work all day with Hyper V enabled and it WOULD be really good to use the translucent graphics (Aero Glass).

      Does anybody know a way around this, other than removing Inte Based Graphics driver????

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      Enough said.

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      Yep, clearly a solution. It’s just not the solution I had hoped for. I’ve been using the “basic” theme now and it solves the problem. After a few days of using it I have forgotten about the aero theme.

      I guess the solution is to just suck it up and use the basic theme.

      Thanks for your time.

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      I understand your frustrations and clearly you are not the only one with a reasonable gripe. Microsoft needs to get off their lazy butts and fix this issue. Hopefully it will resolved when the first service pack is released. I still don’t see how Hyper V is any competition to VMWare. It’s way more scalable and flexible than Hyper-V ever was. The latest 7.1 build has support for up to 8 cores (aka the i7) and hardware acceleration which ables Windows Aero in a virtual environment. Not to mention you can run other OS’s like Linux, Mac OSX, or Solaris. Though VMWare is not perfect either. There was a vulnerability in the software that if the user enabled shared folders on the host machine a remote attacker could tunnel his way into the physical machine and wreck havoc if they so chose to.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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