Any Plans To Register A Windows 2012 Domain Name Soon?

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      Havent posted here for well over 6 months if not longer, had lots of other things on my mind and too much other stuff I needed to focus on…

      I am wondering if the owners/admins are going to be registering a new domain soon in anticipation of Windows 2012 as the latest upcoming Server OS? Like for instance,, or something similar…

      I am looking towards moving away from using a Server OS as my primary OS, and will be adopting Windows 8 upon release. However, I will definately be dual-booting and virtual-machining Windows 2012 because I would like to use it for development and exploration purposes, and its’ general overall stability, customizability, and cleanness (in terms of being barebones), etc.

      So once again, is this the end of the Server websites you guys are running, or can we expect a new forum to emerge?

      Just wondering, is all, because I very much plan to stay as an active participant, although I will be ditching R2 entirely.

      Reply soon!

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