An MBAM-update making computers unusable !

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      Hi !

      An MBAM-update caused a lot of false positives which resulted in systemfiles being quarantined, making computers unusable and not even able to reboot.

      more info at MBAM´s forum:

      MBAM has now created a new update which fixes those problems, so it seems to be safe to update again.

      This reminds me of the problems with McAfee a few years ago.
      Once again computers becoming unusable because of “automatic quarantine”….

      This is exactly why i never allow any “automatic quarantine” / deletion of files on my system !
      I always set the option to “notify”, so i can take a look at what has been detected, and then decide what to do.
      Although i´m not using MBAM on my testsystem at the moment, i would have been unaffected by that update….

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