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      Hi, the installation of “America’s Army” is OK, but the game crash when search the server.
      The message is “Failed to connect to AA master server”
      Can you help me please??

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      You may need to go into the firewall and see if the application was assigned correctly or at all. Remember, Server 2008 has two different ways to work on the firewall. You may need to look at both ways. I can not remember how to do this, since it has been some time since i last worked with my firewall. I can help, but it will take me time to see how to do it.

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      Thanks triel for the answer,

      I have thought to an error to the firewall and I disable it, but the error of the server remained.
      I don’t know what could be the solution, I have tried to install all feature in server manager and all roles but nothing,
      I have tried to set all services as Vista but nothing, The error is “Failed to connect to AA master server”
      I don’t have ideas anymore.
      According to me Windows Server block stops some protocoll what uses America’s army and Nod 32 because
      both stop to 5KB….

      (Sorry for my english)…

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      Triel I wait for your help. Could you post the solution?

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      Since I have never played that game I will have to do some looking to see what would cause it.

      Will post what I find.

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      This is just for reference.

      UDP ports:
      1716 for the game
      1717 for the gamequery
      1718 for master server query
      8777 for standard UT query
      27900 for GameSpy

      TCP ports:
      20045 for Auth server
      14200 for Andromeda.
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