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      well, i´ve read in changelog from catalyst to 11.8 that this version allows gpu overclock without the vision (also known as catalyst control center, or ccc).

      well again, since i had install r2 perfectly, i was not able to install any catalyst (the driver itself ever worked, and t3nk3n has made a great job porting the apps, i just cant run then, but others can, so they work), so i was wondering…

      is possible to change with orca the amd overdriver installer? its a .exe, not a folder. so, i dont know if orca works with a .exe or just .msi. any tips?

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      It’s not possible to open an .exe file with Orca, MSI only. However, if all you have is the lone setup.exe file, there may possibly be an .msi file contained WITHIN the .exe. you can use a program like 7-zip, winrar, or Universal Extractor to extract the contents of the exe to a folder to see if you find one. Also, when you run the exe it may extract the file’s contents to a Temporary directory somewhere on your HDD, usually under your User folder in AppData, I think. However, youve stated that the install fails, and when you click ok after the error message the installer will usually delete the temp files it created. So what you have to do is find the temp directory the files were extracted to, and then copy the contents of the folder to somewhere else on the HDD. But you must do this right after you get the error, but before you click on the dialog to confirm the error. by not giving it a chance to roll back, you can then see if temp directory has an msi file. if so, open with orca, go to the LaunchConditions tab, and see if theres anything within that prevents the prog from installing on Server. Ive done that a few times in the past month with drivers and such, and it worked for me. I will note, however, that I dont use ATI/Radeon, only NVIDIA, as i believe NVIDIA to be far superior. I like to play alot of older legacy games that were created way back in the 90s for systems like Win98, and in my experience ATI/Radeon cant run many of them well. In any case, hope this helps.

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