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        Server 2019 installs fine on my Intel, and Intel/NVIDIA systems, and installed fine on the first AMD system I attempted, but throws an AMD Error 182 message when attempting to install AMD’s video driver.

        This is an AMD reference design system consisting of an X470 main board, Ryzen 5 2400G CPU, and Radeon RX Vega 64. While the Ryzen 5 does have integrated graphics, this doesn’t confuse the installer with Windows 10, and I even disabled it in the BIOS to make sure the Vega 64 was properly detected.

        A little disappointed but not surprised as AMD drivers have always been a hassle on every iteration of Windows Server. I probably should have attempted to install AMD’s chipset driver first, and would recommend anyone else giving AMD hardware a haul does this as well, but I was in a hurry.

        As well anyone with a Radeon VII (I also have one of these) apparently the “Pro” graphics driver (though it hasn’t been made clear for which card) will also work and install on the Server OS, and offers two run modes; one for rendering and one for gaming. I’ll post more when I know or have time to try more, but that could be a while…

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          Yeah I am all too aware of this issue as an AMD user (both CPU and GPU). Using an R9 Fury – everything was detected fine on an older driver, but now it refuses to install automatically.

          Thankfully I have found a solution that allows you to both install the newest drivers and the radeon control panel. Let the installer extract the files to C:\AMD. After that, you can install the driver manually by finding the .ini file, right clicking and installing it. After that you should be able to use device manager to update normally. To install the control panel/relive, you have to manually run an exe in the folder, though I don’t remember the exact path.

          I could elaborate more on this process later (already have everything installed), but for now hopefully that helps you.

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            Thanks CakeLancelot next time around I’ll give this a try. I remember having to do something similar long ago on Server 2003 and what were at the time ATI drivers — if that doesn’t date my long term interest in more robust Workstation Operating Systems, I don’t know what would. Interestingly you can still find “ATI” referenced in AMD’s driver and software installations.

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              Possible Cause
              The AMD Radeon Software Package contains generic drivers that supports a wide range of AMD graphics products. A possible reason why the AMD Installer had failed to identify your graphics hardware and cannot continue installation is because it belongs in one of these unsupported product groups:

              AMD Embedded graphics
              Legacy AMD graphics
              Customized AMD graphics for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system.

              Solution :
              If you know the model of your AMD graphics hardware, please try using the AMD Driver Selector to locate and download the appropriate driver.

              NOTE! If you have one of the APUs listed below and are running Windows® 10 or a windows server 2019, graphics driver support is only available directly from Microsoft® via Windows Update. Please run Windows Update and allow it to detect, download and install the appropriate driver for your APU.

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                yes I’ve done this on previous versions of Server, Server 2008R2 and it worked — doesn’t seem to fly with Server 2019 or the current issue of AMD drivers.

                Considering what a telemetry nightmare Windows 10 has become, how flaky the LTSB/C edition of Windows 10 can be — I’m surprised there isn’t greater interest in Server 2019 as a Workstation, as it’s so much more performant for so many workloads.

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                  There’s an interesting thread here on Redit, but doesn’t seem to fly for me, or the guy that started the thread…

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