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      Just start the prog and set the directory.
      Its not checking for filenames!
      It patches every msi file in the subdirectories it can find. If applicable ofc.

      Edit: v2 added. Checking if package is win7x64 compatible.
      Edit: v3 added. fixed a few things and added svr2012 support

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      This is really great!
      Will this also work with other msi files or only for the catalyst files?



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      the app which allows fan and clock control is working using this method?

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      at 1’st sorry for my terrible english! but how does it work? after installing the driver package or before?

      1. download the newest ATI driver
      2. let them extract to the ATI folder (C:ATI)
      3. use the tool (AMD/ATi driver patcher)
      4. after the files are patched i can install each catalyst software one by one?
      or can i use the setup.exe in C:ATISupport11xx_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_enu?

      thank you, muckel

Viewing 4 reply threads
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