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      Greetings to all.

      I’m wondering- is there *any* way to get Aero /without/ installing the server feature “Desktop Experience”?

      I tried copying the relevant files from the System32 resource folder (where the theme *.msstyles live) from a server /with/ “Desktop Experience” to my laptop/workstation, but then it just causes the Theme window to hang when I select it, so I’m assuming there’s some more files then that lingering around.

      Server 2008 is really, really clean and lean and I’m loving it sofar. My only issue is that “Desktop Experience” should be called “The Vista Experience” with the amount of /crap/ it spams on the system (Windows Sideshow, Pen & Tablets, Windows Defender, Windows Media Player, Windows Mail & Friends, etc) and all the settings it overrides for Explorer and such.

      I would really like to have Aero/Vista Basic (I don’t need/want to use the GPU accelerated version), but I do not want to install “Desktop Experience”. Any ideas?

      Personally, if someone knows how to do this- it /should/ be up on I can’t believe I’m the only one who wants a system without Windows Defender (any trace of it), but /with/ the Aero theme.


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      u could use waik to install it and then with vlite remove the things u dont like

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