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      Hi guys,

      I just got a license for Win Server 2008 R2 and just installed it. Overall it’s pretty slick (for being built on the 7 kernal). I’m still figuring out some of the features but overall some of the stuff (especially hyper-v) has been a very nice feature to have.

      Anyway, I’m having some issues with the Aero theme. When I first installed server, I installed the drivers and then immediately came to this site and went step by step through the instructions for setting it up as a workstation (or getting the features I missed from windows 7 re-enabled). I had successfully managed to get everything working.

      However, my Aero theme on the server has stopped working and I can’t get it back. I installed hyper-v and had remoted into the server through my laptop using a separate user account (i logon as Admin locally and use a separate user account when I’m using remote desktop). When i restarted because of the hyper-v installation, it was back to the classic windows theme. The desktop experience is still installed and the themes service is running, but it will not let me switch back to the Aero theme.

      The wierd thing is that on the personalization page it says everything is loading (see attached screenshot). The only thing I can change is the desktop background, if I try to click on anything else it won’t open.

      I’ve tried uninstalling the desktop experience and reinstalling the feature, but no luck. Could this be a policy issue because I don’t have aero setup for remote desktop, and the last thing I did before this happened was remote in.

      Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

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      I’d like to try Hyper-V too but if Aero will stop working I’ll go for another software like VMWare player 😮

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      I’m afraid it is like this by design.


      You have two options:

      Uninstall your high performance graphics driver and use default VGA driver. (LOL)
      Uninstall Hyper-V role and use a more behaved and user-friendly application liked VMWare Player.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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