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      Aero is no longer working. It was working fine for over 3 months but today when I restarted my computer it was turned off and I can’t get it to work again. Even when I go into personalize -> Window Color And Appearance -> Under Color scheme, it only shows the Basic options for my themes. The Aero options are no longer visible.

      I reinstalled my ATI video drivers for my HD 4850 and that didn’t help. I tried to uninstall and re-install the “Desktop Experience” Feature in the server manager but it didn’t allow me uninstall it even after reverting back to my old utxtheme, themeui, and shsvcs dll files.

      I hadn’t installed any new programs or hardware recently.

      Is there anyway I can fix this problem without having to reinstall Server 2008?


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      I would like to post the fix for this issue. It turns out that Tune up utilities 2009 was auto-starting a background application that wasn’t comptabile with Aero and was causing that Aero option not to show up in the Window Color and Appearance area under Personalization. I just uninstalled Tune-Up and restarted and Aero was now back and working fine.

      Hope this helps anyone who may run into this similar problem.

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