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      Hi all,

      I’m missing some effects that don’t seem to work even when I enable them. Things like the window preview when hovering the cursor over the task bar. Also, the smooth minimize/maximize animation isn’t really there even though I enabled it manually and used the Server 2008 Converter tool.

      Do I need to use the Vista Experience tool to get these features working?

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      I just noticed directdraw is disabled as well as AGP texture acceleration. The troubleshooting option in advanced display settings is grayed out.

      GeForce 8800GT, most recently available x64 drivers.

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      do you have the latest NVidia drivers? But most of the time the latest drivers are the best.

      also a way to enable the other extra effects (you can have glass but other features may be disabled by default.

      go to system>advanced settings>advanced tab> under the “performance” section click “settings”> tick the “best appearance” option or custom> choose the features you want>click ok to close all windows……. and that should be it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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