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      Hi All

      My main OS is Windows Server 2008 which i runt he normal stuff on, web development, DB etc, but i also want to do a Dual Boot with Windows Server 2003 or a Vista Lite purely for gaming … ?

      Does anyone have any advice how best to do this and in what order etc ?

      Many thanks

      Whitetime 😯

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      I think its best to install 2003 first, and then make fresh install of 2008.You will be able to select the os at boot.

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      Hi Sawo

      Thanks for that … Would it be possible then to partition my HDD eg: c: & d:

      C: = 200GB Main OS
      D: = 50GB Game OS

      and install windows 2003 to the d: partition first and then windows server to the c: partition … ? Having never done a dual boot before, just want to figure out best solution.

      Many Thanks

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      Yeah, that should work, but i think 200GB is way too much for system drive.
      Maybe something like this is better:
      C: 20GB main os
      D: 20GB second os
      E: 210GB storage

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      i made with nlite xp with diff dirs that server use

      and then i have them both at the same partion 🙂

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