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      Hi Win2K8 users,

      If you are a Photoshop or other Adobe product user, Windows Server 2008 is friendly with Adobe products. I work with Photoshop CS3, and there is no bug or error until now. It is even faster than Vista on my PC, no hourglass while opening big pictures. Win2K8 is a real pleasure to work on.


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      Thank you for that! I was just getting ready to install Master Collection and test it.

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      I’m glad that you are having a better experience than I am with this. I have recently installed a “Windows 2008 Workstation” version of server2k8, it comes in at 706mb prior to installation and 2gb after (probably because of the minimum of roles available on the CD). Anyhow, coupling the “Windows 2008 Workstation” with a corporate copy of Adobe Master Collection CS3 gives the following results in my case:

      The components that “will be installed” are the ones that will NOT install under any circumstances, which is suspicious because they are the only ones which include the component necessary for activation services and authentication of the title all together. I have done a repair process twice whereas, if I were to hit ‘install’ on the above image it would proceeed to attempt to install the Shared components then proceeding to attempt the rest. The second time I did a repair process, it additionally installed Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. But again, I cannot use any of the installed components. This is the message I get trying to run Fireworks CS3:

      I will attempt full removal of the suite and reinstall fresh. If that does not work I will can the version of “Windows 2008 Workstation”; which it should not matter much considering all this version has going for it is the unavailability of a number of roles, and desktop experience role turned on automatically. Any thoughts or Idea’s on this one?

      UPDATE!: This morning I did an uninstall, reboot, and reinstall… No go again! Here is the results:

      Not sure what to do next… I’ll wait and see if anybody here has any ideas then make my move accordingly!


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      That is really starnge. I installed CS3 Master Collection and had no errors at all.

      What bit do you have x86 or x64?

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        Maybe you can examine the installation log file and see what went wrong? See TechNote 400593 from the Adobe KnowledgeBase for more information.

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        That would be great. This way we can all learn from what happened. Just post the install log in the forums, as code, and we can see what happened.

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        I read that article and I’m sorry but the installation log is a gzipped file and when extracted comes to 11mb in size! I would post something interesting but the only errors I recieve (when searching the file for a text string ‘FATAL’ which returns 0 results) are from text string search ‘ERROR’ where the only result is:

        Checking operation result for {7B53463B-283F-44FF-94B2-CAB60DDE3159} Adobe Device Central CS3
        [ 2432] Thu Mar 27 08:30:24 2008 ERROR
        Skipping operation because required operation failed with code: 2
        Setting dependent operation result
        [ 2432] Thu Mar 27 08:30:24 2008 DEBUG
        Testing operation: 47

        Which appears throughout the file around four times, and not the magical fourteen times as I wish it would have appeared in total. Unfortunately, Adobe Device Central CS3 is NOT an optional install component otherwise I would attempt install without it. I will continue my search for a solution and will post accordingly once found.

        UPDATE: Bad Media or DVD Drive

        Using another DVD Reader did the trick.

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        Adobe Creative Suite 3 installer always have problems even on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Download and run Adobe CS3Clean Script will solve the problem.

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