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      Hey folks!

      I just want to check if there is a solution for this problem or not?
      Got a friends computer at home to upgrade it to W2K8 Server Ent. because Vista failed to install on it 😆
      The computer is a: PACKARD BELL IMAX D5600 NC and was delivered with Vista Home Premium!

      [s:3r6ohcp5]Eth ivacttora I otg a olmrbpe itwh si: 07911kb4! Nda a cdm.xee ecresn hoeswd pu dan heonrat enrsec owhsde pu nad sysa:

      IeedcvIdda4skrh4Rd CdieevIrsdkadh5R5d

      S´erhte on idsk ni ….. Esaple ptu ni a kids dna os no nad no… Oeds oneany aevh a lceu t´hsaw ognwr wthi ti?[/s:3r6ohcp5]


      Arris: No talking about activators please. Read the [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=23&t=969:3r6ohcp5]Rules[/localurl:3r6ohcp5] before posting.

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