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      So, I commented on the dreamspark thread here a few days ago with a pseudo rant about how MS would not activate my effing Enterprise x64.

      I started all this about 2 weeks ago when I reinstalled ws2k8 to give it another shot. Liked it, bought it, tried activation… No luck.

      Called MS the next day and they told me to purchase another license… I said some bad words and they disconnected me.
      From that day on till today I badgered them to activate my d@m windows. Sometimes calling 50 times a day.

      They gave in today!

      They sent me a link for an MS secure technet download of Windows Vista Developer Activation tool 2.1. I can’t distribute the tool because it sets to expire itself after 3 days and will no longer run. [So I am told]
      After a couple of restarts the system is now activated and running genuine.

      So, to all of you that have purchased ws2008 but are having issues activating just be patient and bug the he11 out of the support line till they give you what you want.. lol

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        You are a tough fellow! 😆 Didn’t know they send Developer Activation tools that expire in a few days that help you to activate Windows. 🙂

        Anyway, I’m glad you finally have your Windows activated and I hope that more people with this problem will get the Activator after hammering Microsoft’s Support Desk. 😉

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