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      Hi everyone….

      Another quick tip.

      This product might save you some time. Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server. Its basically a pretty smart Ghost for server.

      You’ll need the following:
      1xvalid Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server license
      1xExternal USB storage Device or at least 10x DVDs (maybe more) – I seriously recommend the USB Storage device.

      Now once you have your Windows2008Workstation installed and ready with all software, tweaks etc. Create a bootable backup of that system to your external USB drive ( you might need to partition it). So in future if anything goes wrong with your base operating system, you can roll back to that preinstalled state in a matter of minutes. This saves the need for spending a lengthy 6 hours getting your system back to the way it was (best case scenario).

      Now I say its a smart Ghost, because it really is. Its capable of virtualizing backups, so you can restore in a vpc, or Vmware environment. It can also deploy a backup to another system, and the server won’t suffer blue screens due to hardware changing! (But you will need to reactivate the server license). And lastly, it can do speed Ghost merging, so only merges changes, this means you can backup your system quickly on a friday afternoon.

      I think a USB/Firewire external 500GB or more drive will be essential if you plan on creating more than one backup, because you’ll need that extra space.

      Hope this helps

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        Sounds good! However I always use Virtual Machines when experimenting and not my live-system, so I won’t have to restore my own operating system when I screw something up. 😉 However it’s always good to have a backup, and especially a backup that gets your system up&running again within 15 minutes! :geek:

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