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        A quick review of WS10 converted to Workstation

        After installing WS10 I did the basic conversion to workstation.
        The instructions for WS2012 http://www.win2012workstation.com/ still works,
        although you can skip “Boot to Classic Desktop” because WS10 does that by default.

        Microsoft has restored the “Startbutton” and the startmenu, but it´s not as good as in WS2008-R2.
        It´s very primitive.
        Logout (now called “Sign off”), reboot, shutdown is back, but they are not all in the same place,
        which still makes it confusing and annoying.

        And all “System-commands” are still accessed through rightclick, it´s the same as in WS2012,
        whick makes “it backwards”, the normal is leftclick as we all know.
        This feels kind of “Mac-style”, if you have ever tried to us a Mac you know what I mean…
        Fx. try to close a window on a Mac, the icons in the upper-right corner is backwards….
        Or access the menues….
        I was forced to use a Mac a couple of years ago as it was the only computer connected to a scanner,
        It was a terrible experience, I still have nightmares…. :mrgreen:

        So the next step was to install ClassicShell http://www.classicshell.net/
        With ClassicShell you can have a decent startmenu like in WS2008-R2, with a lot of options for customizing.
        ClassicShell worked without any problems.

        Some annoying things in the taskbar: the time & date section to the right is too wide,
        and there is an icon “Tasks View” pinned to the left that cannot be removed, at least not by selecting taskbar-properties.
        It might be possible with a reg-hack…

        And the “File Explorer” still shows “Library Folders” at the top in every window.
        If I remember correctly it´s the same in WS2012.
        I don´t have WS2012 installed right now so I cannot check, I´m using that partition for WS10…
        But I have some memory of reading about a hack to fix that problem on WS2012, I hope this can be done on WS10.
        And there is no options to make it look like in WS2008-R2.


        WS10 looks better than WS2012-R2 but it´s still not good.
        It has a stupid startmenu.
        “System-commands” is still rightclick.
        taskbar-icons, 1 unneccesary and 1 too wide, which takes space.
        Stupid “File Explorer”.


        Personally I don´t like WS10.
        Like WS2012-R2 it´s faster than WS2008-R2 though,
        so I might use it if the problems I listed above are either fixed in the RTM, or can be fixed by a hack.

        But LINUX looks like a very good alternative. 😉
        I have tried several Linux-distributions (versions), Kubuntu and Debian are two of my favourites.
        Cheap (FREE), fast, stable, good support… 😀

        I have found out that the icon “Tasks View” is for managing multiple desktops.
        But, it´s still stupid that it cannot be neither moved or deleted.
        That icon and it´s position in the taskbar should be selectable,
        because if I don´t use multiple desktops then I won´t need it, so why should it take up space then ?

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