32-bit versus 64-bit? Standard versus Enterprise?

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      Hey all,

      Been using Vista SP1 Business for awhile now and plan to take the plunge and go for Server 2008 of some flavor. I have 4 GB of RAM and a pretty modern Core 2 Duo processor.

      1. Why would I want to use 32-bit and not 64-bit Server aside from driver incompatibilities? Is there a tool that magically scans my system for drivers that don’t exist in the 64-bit world?
      2. Why would I pick Enterprise over Standard if neither edition costs me anything (MSDN Universal)?

      Thanks for your help in advance!

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      Hello jminiman

      about Enterprise vs Standard:

      i ask around about that too there are no big diff for the home user
      check those links if wanna know more info about it

      32-bit or 64bit

      i gonna tell u why 64bit

      64bit have much faster load apps of 32bit its run like u using a lited app or something very tiny
      its response fast with very loaded apps with much of grafic
      if ur hardware is common i suggest to try it


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