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      This post is to note down experiences with 2008 R2 (the Release Candidate) – as installed on an XPS M1530 with 4GB ram and an 80GB system partition. Previous OS was Windows 7 RC – Everything working flawlessly after changing the Intel Wifi 4965AGN drivers to the ones on intel site (There’s a problem with the card dying out of the blue with certain versions).

      Initial installation (from USB media) without a hitch. Deleted 100mb system hidden partition + 80gb win7 partition. Selected empty space and click next. Rest of the installation without any prompts.

      After installation, set password on administrator account, create my own account as administrator, disable UAC. Even though it doesn’t say it requires a reboot, if you use your computer as as slave in a multi-computer setup by utilizing software like synergy, it will not work on the slave until you reboot whenever there’s an application that’s normally UAC enabled starting. After reboot this was smooth.

      Unknown devices in device manager: 3 Base System Device, BCM2045 and Biometric Coprocessor. Windows update automatically installed drivers for the biometric without having to do anything. Display driver is set to Standard VGA Driver. The laptop has a geforce 8400M.

      Disable shutdown event tracker like regular 2008, and install Desktop Experience. Reboot. Change theme service from disabled, start it. Still unable to select Aero theme. Memory usage 560mb. Reboot. (I suspect at this time i have to change the display drivers to Geforce ones). After reboot i can select the windows 7 theme but no 3d-aero funkyness. checking the adapter settings it shows it as 14mb available graphics memory. time to install nvidia.

      Downloading 64bit windows 7 drivers, they install nicely. Warning about unsigned driver, but click accept and it installs without complaining. Reboot and aero is up and running. (Version 185.81 for notebooks).

      Initial impressions, it works pretty much out of the box, with no more stuff to tweak than with original 2008.

      Updates will follow (on Hyper-V, IIS 7.5 and maybe even some IBM software, did you know http://www.websphereloveswindows.com )

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      When installing Hyper-V you lose the ability to put your laptop in sleep mode. This is not cool at all, since throwing down the lid and just tugging it on home and then flipping it up to continue is one of the things we love about notebooks.

      Fortunately there’s a slight workaround for this. You can’t start hyper-v and do sleep mode, but you can boot up without hyper-v started (hvboot service). If you also set the Hyper-V services listed to manual, you can use sleep mode as long as you don’t need to start the hyper-v services. this can be nice if you only do hyper-v for demos or testing, and not daily use. if hyper-v is essential, you’re stuck without sleep mode.

      In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetserviceshvboot

      Set the Start to 0003.

      Reboot, and sleep is activated again ( as well as all the power management stuff ).

      SQL Server 2008 installs right out of the box but you have to apply service pack 1 afterwards.

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      Windows Live applications should install without having to use tweaked MSI’s. (I only installed Live Messenger, but it gave no warnings or errors). IIS 7.5 configured with FastCGI and PHP without any hickups.

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      Was this installed on a PC that ran 2008 ? I am wondering if the performance is as good, I got concerned in using it as a workstation when I saw SuperFetch was not a service any more in R2…

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        @awalt wrote:

        I got concerned in using it as a workstation when I saw SuperFetch was not a service any more in R2…

        JonusC is already looking into this. See the following topic for more info: Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta – SuperFetch missing.

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        Just want to verify. Cairnz, you are running 2008 R2, have an nVidia graphics adapter, have Aero working, have Hyper-V installed, and are seeing no issues with graphics slowing down when the Hyper-V service is running? With non-R2 2008, because of the way the nVidia drivers are written, enabling Hyper-V slows down graphics performance considerably, particularly when drawing windows or scrolling in pages. Did you ever run non-R2 2008 on this laptop?

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