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      Hello I have a working Windows server 2003 running DHCP for my network. It is working correctly because other computers on the network (XP/Linux) are able to obtain an IP address and have access to the Internet. I just installed Enteprise Server 2008 as a workstation machine following the tutorial. (got my copy of server 2008 from dreamspark.com)

      The 2008 computer is only getting 169 IP address and server 2003 cannot see the computer and I cannot get it to acquire a valid IP. Is there anything that would cause 2003 not to see 2008 or vice a versa? I know that the NIC on 2008 is working correctly cause if I bypass the network and plug directly into a cable modem the computer gets on-line without any problems.
      Any insight on possible issues would be appreciated.

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        Try to find out what the problem is by monitoring the traffic that is exchanged during the DHCP request/response using Wireshark or an other packet sniffing tool. Hope this will give you some more insight in the problem! Don’t know any things that may cause this problem but hope you can fix it now.


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