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      Hey guys

      I just bought another drive for my Dell XPS 1710 notebook (4G Ram) and setup Win2008 workstation from MSDN. All went well, I have everything I need to work I think (.net development is my primary use). I do notice that it runs very smoothly, and seems to boot much faster than my XP drive.

      WHat I am concerned about is memory footprint. At rest, without SQL server loaded, just IIS, but no AV and minimal drivers, I am sitting at about 950MB – 1G. For an almost fully loaded XP Pro (32) workstation but WITH Kaspersky AV, mozy backup, etc, I am at 470MB.

      What I am wondering is if there is a different way between the kernals for measuring RAM used, or perhaps this is typical due to caching or the 32/64 bit difference. I tried killing every killable service on Win2008 but was only able to get the footprint down to 700M. I should probably not worry, as I have 3 usable G left once things are booted, but I am a bit of a Ram weenie and watch it constantly.


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        If you are using SuperFetch (Enabling Superfetch) it is possible that Windows has already loaded often used applications in memory in advance in order to provide a faster startup of the application. This can cause that “Windows” uses that much RAM even before you have started any program.

        To get a good view of the processes that are currently running and how much memory they are using, use the Sysinternals Process Explorer tool and select some useful columns to display. (View -> Select Columns -> Process Memory)

        Hope this helps you a bit!

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        i saw what is my baseline memory [however my os is month old]
        i killed all the apps and trays apps just not nod32 🙂
        and ofc make services tweaking too

        so its just 650MB of used ram nice to 64bit system 🙂

        btw its vlited os

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        Windows 6 [Vista/2008] will eat memory. It’s designed to. All that memory sitting there is being wasted – so thanks to Superfetch, it remembers what programs [EXE’s] you use on a daily basis, and caches them intelligently – putting that RAM to good use 🙂

        Don’t fret though – if you start a game, Windows 6 will purge all the Superfetch data out of RAM IF it needs to 🙂 Believe me, its a good thing!

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