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      May be some of you know this program: netlimiter. its for monitoring nd LIMITING the traffic of your computer. It can not only limit the traffic of your whole computer bu also for the programms runnign on your pc. Its small nd its ull of great features.

      the problem .. i couldnt bring it to runon the server edition.(32 & 64). on normal vista it runs perfectly but on server 2008 .. the same error come:

      i can start the programm itself. bBut the service belonding to this programm i cant start. ->

      “Windows could not start the NetLimiter on Local COmputer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 1.”

      please someone help me .. i could really need this program.

      btw if anyone knws an alternative . tht woul be good too. the programm must be just able to limit the traffic of the programms NOT ONLY of the whole computer.

      greets space

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        Hi spacesp,

        I just tested the NetLimiter 2.0.10 Pro (x86 and x64) evaluation on respectively a x86 and x64 Windows Server 2008 Virtual Machine and they both work fine! Are you sure you are using the latest version and the right architecture?

        If those things are all fine, take a look into your EventLogs: Start -> Run -> eventvwr.msc -> OK. Now browse to Windows Logs -> System and look for Errors and Warnings from the NetLimiter service. Click the Details tab and copy all information into a code-block in this topic!

        Hope together we can fix it! 😉

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        hmm you are right. i restarted my computer and itworked 😐 .. may b i wz just a bit inpatience:P .. i wanted to start he service of this programm after install manually which led to an error.

        so thx nd a gr8 support 🙂

        btw another question: the video playback on my computer is still not the best. It keeps “stucking” from time to time. I have already modified my registry for the playback prioroty(set to 14). Ist there another way toimprove a plackback? And i am using a Laptop with an external monitor. Nd sumetime the external monitor start to “flicker”.(jst like when u film a old crt monitor, u c these white lnes moving vertically).

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          A restart is needed after the installation of Netlimiter indeed! 😉

          The video problems can be because of various reasons. Some issues/solutions are:
          – Hyper-V in Server 2008 x64 can lead to a performance problem, see this topic.
          – Make sure you have the most recent drivers for your pc. (see Drivers in Windows Server 2008 page in manual how to update them)
          – Disable auto startup programs using Sysinternals Autoruns.
          – Find out what is taking so much CPU resources while watching a “stuttering” movie using Sysinternals Process Explorer.

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