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    @smartie77 wrote:

    Wow. Thanks, I feel honoured, Administrator !

    Please just call me Arris 🙂

    @smartie77 wrote:

    forgive me the complicated way of explaining stuff.. I am a Linux guy usually and german speaking .. tweaking an OS or add features never supposed into them is one of my favorite hobbies.. vliting vistas, reconfiguring servers , fiddling in the registry hives, I am also one of these crazy people that put OSX on PCs and so on.. therefore this game thing was easy to figure out. So, now it is shared with everyone for their pleasure.

    Sounds we have quite similar interests, except for the Linux part which I still have to get more familiar with. I think you will also have fun reading the Windows Internals book (Authors which created ProcMon/ProcExp etc.) which also dives into the structure of Windows with the kernel and its dependencies, objects, threads, registry, services, WMI, drivers, DCOM etc. :geek: I find it a very interesting book to read! 🙂

    @smartie77 wrote:

    I tend to be over-technical or over-simplifying things, forgive me that please 😆 ..

    I recognize that, take a look at the 2008/2008 R2 manuals for example 😉 All information should be understandable by everyone, so I think you did a good job.

    See you around! 😎