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@Arris wrote:

Great job, smartie77! :geek: As you can see by looking at the number of views of this topic, this is a much requested feature 🙂 Updated the main page of the win2008workstation manual and the [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=11&t=60:2wftgehg]main topic[/localurl:2wftgehg].

Wow. Thanks, I feel honoured, Administrator !

forgive me the complicated way of explaining stuff.. I am a Linux guy usually and german speaking .. tweaking an OS or add features never supposed into them is one of my favorite hobbies.. vliting vistas, reconfiguring servers , fiddling in the registry hives, I am also one of these crazy people that put OSX on PCs and so on.. therefore this game thing was easy to figure out. So, now it is shared with everyone for their pleasure.

Some screenies where they might visualize what I am trying to say.. I tend to be over-technical or over-simplifying things, forgive me that please 😆 ..

Once again, thank you and I will try to see what else can be added here.

About My Intention :
2008 was and still is the very best Vista-Replacement ( Home Premium 64 was preinstalled on my Laptop and I hate it – I dislike Win7 too ) and the only 32bit OS that lets you use all Ram without forcing the 64bit madness of Windows ( slow and full of bugs – also I need 16bit support on Win ) . In Linux a standard feature to have a pae kernel available.. in Microsofts world it needs a server os.. crazy world, but however – Plus Server is way securer and can be hardened like hell for restricted users, and now that MSE 2.0 installs on it – well, safe,secure,nice and performance. With full gaming support and without the 64bit overhead of having double directories, exes and services . What else we need for a modern windows box – lean and mean but secure .. the next best thing to Linux ( which is the best of course ) 😉