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ok, here is how ( for x86 32bit Sp2 ) :

to be on the safe side you should have all important runtimes and DirectX installed, like a universal pack called AiO runtimes ( all in one runtimes ) .. google for it. It installs Xinput,DirectX,Net 1.1 to 3.5.1, all c++ and so on. Pretty safe and conveniant .

0.) install opensource/freeware 7zip for opening the wim files – its useful as you see :

1. ) take your Vista iso / CD and navigate to the sources folder.

2. ) Open the INSTALL.WIM file by rightclicking it and select open with 7zip.

3.) Inside the wim you notice numbered directories. Each directory is a Vista edition. for me Number 3 was the folder for ULTIMATE which contains all the games I was interested in.

4.) Inside the [3] directory you see now all the folders of a Vista installation like Users,Windows,Program Files etc..

5.) We need a few files from that System32 directory and the complete “Program FilesMicrosoft Games” Folder from the opened install.wim — you can drag and drop them from the opened 7zip window to your desktop for instance.

FROM “Program Files” in Vista :

drag and drop the “microsoft games” folder to your desktop.

6.) FROM SYSTEM32 in Vista :







place the above on your desktop or a safe folder, they all go later in your system32 folder.

Now make a Folder EN-US or whatever Vista Source Language Code you are using ( I have a english vista cd but a german server one, which is not a problem – every NT6.x System has all the En-US, de-DE folders already. But you need to put the correct MUI files into their native folders.

From Inside the opened System32 Folder of Vistas Wim in 7zip you navigate to the EN-US folder of Vista – We need these MUI files :



— drag and drop these 3 to your EN-US folder on the desktop.

Now we need a patched slc file – get a working one here :

extract it ( slc.dll) to the desktop and keep it safe.. its the key file that makes this possible. ( Even running other vista tools on Server.. )

This SLC.dll needs to be copied into the “Microsoft games” subdirectories, e.g. into Minesweeper folder,Chess folder, Inkball folder and so on.. in every game there has to be this exact slc.dll .. DO NOT PUT THIS file into your Windows or System32 directory– only in the games folders

7.) Now close the Vista Wim, 7zip. You should have the Microsoft Games Folder, the dlls,cpls and the EN-US folder on your desk

the following tasks need admin rights or UAC working :

move/copy the single files from your desktop ( except SLC.dll ) to your (Server 2008 ) system32 directory

move the EN-US folder into the same system32 directory, when asked if you want to merge it, say yes.

move the prepared “Microsoft Games” folder to your Server08 “C:program files” folder.

Open a cmd prompt as admin

cd to c:windowsSystem32 if it isnt already

registering the ne 😀 😀 eded files :

regsvr32 gameux.dll

regsvr32 dmusic.dll

that’s it.

Now you can make shortcuts from C:program filesMicrosoft GamesGame_namegame.exe to your desktop and they will all run. Note : they wont show up in Game Explorer, but it is needed..