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Not been here for a while as i’ve been busy doing other things. Recently got sent a copy of Inkball and asked if i could make that work on 2008, which i have done 🙂

Inkball is slightly differant to get working on 2008 since it doesn’t run a normal check. The advantage though is that IDA pulls in symbols from the microsoft symbol server making it easier to read and crack. To get inkball working you just need to throw a few NOPs after the ‘CanRunInkball’ call. NOP every byte until you get to where the jnz points to (55 bytes down on the copy sent to me) and hey presto, it works!

I have no idea which service pack this version of inkball came from. I am currently using Windows server 2008 Enterprise SP2 and these games work fine. Its a shame we cant distribute these executables else i’d throw up a link to a handful of vista games.