Re: Re: Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter 1.2


I have to confess something. I have not tried my solution all the way… I checked some sample program included in the SDK and that one reports a successfull creation of the engine and loading of the grammar. Also, the setup Wizard launches successfully and the configuration dialogs in the control panel are there. This made me confident that it now should work.

Unfortunately I did all this through remote desktop and VNC, some 200km from the physical server, which means I haven’t yet managed to go through the complete wizard and test the recognition code with an actual microphone.

I’ll of course try this asap, when I get access to the server (returning back home from the holidays). Most probably in the end of this week or in the beginning of next week.

I’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, some questions:
asbtime: What language is your 2008? I’m running an english version. Also, I don’t know if R2 makes any difference, but I’m running the original version.

Also, you could try to regsvr32 every single dll that you find in c:windowsspeech and c:windowssystem32speech and their subfolders which is not yet in the registry. Also see if you can cross-check every occurance of not only those dll’s that are in my reg files, but all the others as well.

Finally, you could perhaps get something out of a google of the error message. This actually shows that many users on vista and win7 are having the same issue. The first hits:

Good luck!

edit: Also try running the sample from the latest Windows SDK v7.0. On my machine it’s in:
C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv7.0Sampleswinuispeechcsspeechrecognition
compile and run this. This is the one I’m testing with.