Re: Re: Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter 1.2



I registered on this forum only to do this post, to help others. I almost gave up getting speech recognition to work under Server 2008 but finally I nailed it.

Just running the program that merges the registry files and then copying the dll-files from a vista machine is not enough. As mentioned by this guy:
you must also copy all CLSID-references. Now, on the contrary to his thoughts, I believe that the unique CLSID-guids are infact not machine-dependant. I’ve checked those on my Windows 7 Pro x64 machine and compared to a vista 32-machine and they seem identical.

This means that the total procedure to succeed is this:
* Run the Windows server 2008 workstation converter program ( and activate speech recognition.
* Follow the instructions and copy all required files from a vista-machine
* Now, all the copied dll-files must be registered in the registry. Here I found that
all the dll-files in the folder: C:WindowsSystem32SpeechSpeechUX can be registered
with the program regsvr32.exe. Simply do this in a command shell with admin rights:
– regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxSpeechUX.dll
– regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxspeechuxcpl.dll
– regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxSpeechUXPS.DLL
– regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxSPTIP.DLL
– regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxen-gbSpeechUXRes.dll
– regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxen-USSpeechUXRes.dll
(the latter is probably language dependant)
* Now, there are also some dll-files in C:WindowsSystem32SpeechEnginesSR that must be registered. Unfortunately, this didn’t work with regsvr32.exe for me. That is why I extracted out every occurance of the following dll files from a Win7 machine registry:
– C:WindowsSystem32SpeechEnginesSRspsreng.dll
– C:WindowsSystem32SpeechEnginesSRspsrx.dll
– C:WindowsSystem32SpeechEnginesSRsrloc.dll
This gave me 15 .reg-files for spsreng.dll, 10 .reg files for spsrx.dll and 40 .reg-files for srloc.dll. I attach these .reg-files in this post, because I believe they are not machine-dependant. Please note that I take NO responsibility of the consequences of using these.

Hope this sorts out some problems for some of you! I think these reg-files need to be merged in a new version of the converter utility!

Merry Christmas from Sweden!