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I installed Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302.1018 using the offline method but it doesn’t work well. Most of the time no problems but sometimes when MSN starts I get the error “MSN has caused some problems. The computer will shut down in 1 minute”.

You know folks, when these people (M$ in this case) put restrictions on the software like controilling the version you intall and whether the OS version is the right one they do this for a reason. Besides the fact that they may have commercial reasons (let’s face it, if we were in their position we would do the exact same thing) sometimes there are also technical reasons. I guess what I’m trying to say is that not because someone finds the way to bypass the version checks or the way the apps are packaged/installed it means that the apps will actually work 🙁
So, becarefull when installing apps using this kind of workarounds otherwise you may endup with an unstable system