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Hey Arris,

Reporting back with good news. I found a better workaround. I simply used Microsoft’s Application Verifier tool to intercept the GetVersion/ GetVersionEx API calls to trick the application into thinking my source machine was Windows Vista.

Instructions on how to run Easy Transfer on Server 2008

1. Copy C:WindowsSystem32migwiz folder from Vista installation to C:WindowsSystem32
2. Download Application Verifier from Microsoft here: Download
3. Launch Application Verifier. If you are using 64-bit Windows, launch the x64 version.
4. Click on File > Add Application
5. Navigate to c:windowssystem32migwiz. Add migwiz.exe
6. Expand compatibility.
7. Place a checkmark in the HighVersionLie box.
8. Right-click on HighVersionLie and choose Properties
9. Input following values :

For Server 2008:

Major Version: 6
Build Number: 6001
Product type: 1

For Server 2008 R2:

Major: 6
Minor: 1
Build: 7600
Product Type: 1

Leave rest as 0.

Click Ok.

10. Save and close the program.

Launch Easy Transfer (migwiz) the application should now load.

I have tested this on both Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 (physical machines) and it works great.